Earth Day with David Suzuki at Wayne State

As Wayne State geared up for Earth DAY despite mother nature’s unpredicting ways, numerous students, faculty, businesses, student organizatons groups, partners, and staff of Wayne State made  Earth Day a sweeling moment here in the city of Detroit.  Mr. Davis Suzuki graced us with his presence, as many signs and borads, and messages, with all sorts of paraphenelia littered the Wayne State campus making ity adaimant about Mr Suzuzkis presence on our campus featureing for Earth Day.  It started at about 7:00am, preparing all of the sound equipment and food as well, Mr Suzuki attended a mini breakfast soiree with many facluty and admins of Wayne State.  Some particular student orgaziations like SEAL were even invited to thid  exclusive even to have some one-on-one time with Mr. Suzuki.  It was intereesting to get to know him at a professional level as well as a down-to Earth approach.  He is a strong, passiontae, and ebtrust that wee as humnas put in a liarge part of the current climate and global crisis at hand, and we also have to make a change now.  He then went to give his award winning speech speak at the Community Arts Auditorium at 11:00am and a plethora of peopl showed up as his captivating voice unindated as all.  Without a doubt he touch us all when he gave his speech as he touched all walks of life and how the aerth embodies all and everything that we lean whether it be the 1st, 2nd, Laws of Thermodynamics, eceonomic sustaunailbity vs ecological sustainibility, the laws of conservation and so much.  We all left that event thinking and actually commiting to doing something as human bengs, whether it be as a college student or a mom, or working father or as a business person, there is something you can do that wil have a profound effect on how we cahnge the Earth for better.  Mr Suzuki, grced his presence for more students to have a chance to speak with him and get to undrstand thier views and how this is the best time to become active, for we are the future and the actions of our mothers and fathers will indeed hinder us in the fuure if

Progress Indeed made with FJ at Wayne State University

The students working on the Forest Justice campaign  like Dele Akinpelu have indeed broke ground for a more promising effort to achieve the goals stated in the spring action plan.  This is EARTH Week here at WSU, to kick start tings off, how about we opt for better office solution, more greening in the workplace.  Going green is not just for students, it can be for , admins, faculty as well as workers.  Today’s feature was “Environmental Office Products EarthDay”, which of course was publicized on the Wayne state’s pipeline website.  Many companies from HP, Avery, Pilot, Fellowes, Boise, Esselte, Office Max, and a few more were present on the second floor of the student center in Hilberry rooms A, B, and C from 10:00 to 12:30 pm.  Many spokesperson from their groups were offering as well as showcasing their newest product and how they offer more easy for the consumer and the environment.

This was vital to supporters of the Forest Justice Program since stated in the action plan, that these things were going to be clanged:

·         Reduce our consumption of paper to about 12% to 40%

·         Use 70% Post Consumer Waste paper in offices then eventually campus-wide.

·         Put rfid tags to quantify and monitor how much paper is being recycled per semester

·         Try to add pens of all sort, foam materials, batteries, and glass along to recyclables.

This was the excellent opportunity to make a changeand speak with heads from the different manufacturing companies.  I had the chance to speak with Steve Metz, Regional Account Manager of Hp, who informed me of new recycling programs to start here on campus.  It would allow us students who print like crazy for numerous party flyers, directions, advertising and oh yea essays and termpapers.  This will be very convienantto have since we many throw them away.  We can no much more with the empty cartridges which is to now recycle them in many drop boxes on campus.  We are looking forward to this amenity and also  the university benefits from this with incentives points that accrue.  So it seems like a win win predicament for now, that’s all we know for that.  We will stay tuned in for these new services from Hp.  Office Max is a huge client of Wayne State’s who hosted the event and gave out many treats and from paraphernalia.  I was able to speak with Mrs Molly McKiernan, who is the business realtionship manager.  She certified for a fact that all the paper recieved from Wayne State University is 30% post consumer waste PCW, and it can and will be bumped up to 60 % PCW.  This is progress being made as to reduce our consumption of paper over all as a university then eventually to the neighboring communities.

Spring Action Plan for Forest Justice @ Wayne State University

Here at Wayne State University I as my team of supporters with SEAL will continue and prevail as we try to take on the problems of deforestation and try to help the indigenous people.  The help from National Wildlife Federation: Forest Justice will allow us to help give us a start to make a change locally then extending outwards to outer community.  We aim to campaign the following items on campus:

·         Reduce our consumption of paper to about 12% to 40%

·         Use 70% Post Consumer Waste paper in offices then eventually campus-wide.

·         Put rfid tags to quantify and monitor how much paper is being recycled per semester

·         Increase automated sensor in most buildings  to reduce energy being wasted

·         Opt for double sided printing in libraries campus wide

·         Try to add pens of all sort, foam materials, batteries, and glass along to recyclables

·         Raise awareness of tree types that are being deforested and take action against it, and how they help find cures for modern medicine

·         Also advocate tree type (evasive or native) on campus and how they sequester carbon to O2.

·         Increase more tree planting on campus in partnership with other environmental companies.


These are many of the few things we plan to do on campus for the next two school semesters and even beyond that.  We are also having engaging 550 students and or administrators on campus to join the Forest Justice Campaign and let their voice be heard.  We of course plan to hold numerous activities during Earth Day including a recycle drop off for unwanted and recyclable materials that usually don’t meet normal requirements.  We are also having a bike to school day, this will be an excellent test of our endurance and will, seeing how Wayne State is a commuter school, meaning more than 70% of the student population drive to school.  Those who achieve this daunting task to save Mother Nature will be rewarded.  We plan to do much more and we are so excited to have world renowned environmentalist, ecologist, and humanitarian David Suzuki to speak with us about how we make a connection with that of the ecosystem and how we can make a difference.  With the help of many administrators now collaborating with student organizations like SEAL to achieve these goals, our campus will become a new frontier for a more sustainable way of life and achieve a more sustainable community which will then in turn change the way we think, act and learn here on Earth.  

WSU Seal: helps with Garden Build

ON Saturday at approximately 10:00 am more than 40 students came out to help with garden beds being assembled and fully completed the 16 4ft by 2ft garden beds with compost, newspapers, and mulch with tons of dirt.  It was a strenuous activity however it seem to move very quickly as we all had a great time getting to know one another even better and all for a better cause to be able to grow our own crops and become sustainable.  As a college student money is real hard, nowadays money is real hard, but as the economy worsens we can be assured that our food will never be tainted and that there will never be any sort of salmonella or contaminants. 

The St. Andrew’s Allotment Garden would not have been possible without the help of many campus units and individuals, including the volunteers who showed up and worked enthusiastically over March and April at the woodshop and on location.

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